Office of Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Affairs
















Office of Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Dr. Adel Radhi Al-Zarkany, vice-chancellor for academic affairs

A. Administrative Responsibilities:

1.  To be the acting chancellor of the university if the chancellor is on leave or travelling.

2. To give administrative and legal consultation for the chancellor of the university.

3.  To issue the administrative orders of employing university teaching staff, technicians, administrators at the chancellery of the university and the relevant academic centres in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

4. To transfer the technicians and administrator between the various university units after obtaining their departments permission.

5. To give permission for the delegation of university staff, technicians, administrators inside Iraq, and abroad in accordance with the regulations in force.

6. To give permission for formulate various committees at the university which are in line with his responsibilities.

7. To form investigative committees on university staff and technicians' law violations at the chancellery.

8.  To accept or reject staff resignation (except the university teaching staff).

9.   To give letters of appreciation to university staff for their distinguished achievements.

10. To authorize, in accordance with the law, the release of the staff's regular and accumulated salaries for their services.

11. To change the university staff's job titles (technicians and administrators).

12. To grant spousal accompanying leaves for the university staff.

13.  To go on field and checking visits to all university divisions.

14.  Controlling all the administrative, legal, and financial tasks at the university.

15.  Issuing temporary and permanent university cards, and tracking down the missing.

16.  Suggesting studies, research, and activities concerning the administrative, legal, and financial aspects at the university.

17.  Approaching the various governmental bodies and offices including the ministries (except the minister's office), in matters related to the relevant divisions' responsibilities.

18.  To do a follow-up on the dormitories' affairs and to help them overcome their problems.

19.  Signing letters already settled by the chancellor of the university and which are within his responsibilities.

20. Giving permissions to maternal leaves for the staff of the chancellery of the university.

21. Sending the teaching-job applicants to the academic committees to examine their teaching capabilities. 

22. Recommending the release of the employees under probationary period due to their incompetency.

23. Doing any other responsibilities requested and authorized by the chancellor of the university.

B. Financial Responsibilities:
1-Approving the statements of granting extra periods for the university contracting.

 2-Approving on the purchase of the necessary administrative supplies and scientific instruments required by the various university bodies.

3-Drawing up the university annual budget proposal and in coordination with the finance department and submitted to the chancellor of the university.

4- Paying the normal accumulated salaries to employees for their services in accordance with the law articles.

5-Granting bonuses as an incentive for employees, no more than (25000) twenty-five thousand dinars for each case.

 6- Approving allocation of funds of all kinds according to the laws and regulations in force for the employees of the chancellery of the university and the related academic centres.

7 – Proposing the necessary financial transactions in the budget items within a term based on the recommendations of the university finance department.

8. Giving approval, depending on the financial allocations, to subscription in the official and non- official brochures, magazines, and publications.

9 – Giving approval of grants for the university activities and within his authorized powers and also the approval of other grants in accordance with the laws and regulations

10. Practising any other authorizations bestowed on him by the chancellor of the university.

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