Office of Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs:


Office of Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs:

Dr. Abdul-Ridha Hassan Saud Al_Huseinawi - Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

University is one of the institutions which sponsors science, scientists, and thus it is an important tool of development for all people of the world through the advancement of higher education requirements and supplement knowledge with in-depth scientific research in order to serve the community ... The University of Sumer, which is new in its establishment but ancient with the antiquity of the city to which it belongs, is one of the building blocks of higher education and scientific research in our country, which seeks to embrace our students in the faculties of various scientific and humanities sciences. It also seeks to develop the educational process and all aspects of scientific research, to host specialized academic conferences, symposium,  workshops and training courses, and upgrade missions, fellowships and school holidays programs. It seeks to follow an open policy towards the world by holding genuine scientific partnerships, in addition to the publication of numerous various scientific journals and publications to supplement the scientific movement in the country with specialized scientific research and articles.
Departments, centers and units associated with the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs:
1. Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations.
2. Department of Research & Development. 
3. Department of Registration and Student Affairs.
4. Secretariat of the Central Library.
5. Department of Continuing Education. 
6. Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up.
1. To supervise all academic centres at the university and the sections associated with it.
2. To supervise scientific activities at the university colleges, institutes and centres.
3. To prepare of scientific research plan at the university and submit it to the Chancellor to be presented and discussed at University Council for approval.
4. to recommend to the chancellor of the university the awarding of academic degrees to undergraduates in and postgraduates in all specialties existing at the university
5. To do follow up and take decision on students' academic affairs.
6. To give opinions and make recommendation to the university chancellor on sabbatical and delegating lecturers. 
7. Representing the university at meetings, conferences and the relevant academic committees which are relevant to his work and as authorized by the chancellor of the university.
8. Making admission plans for undergraduate study (morning and evening studies) in all specialties and submit the necessary recommendation to the chancellor of the university by coordination with the colleges councils.
9. Nominating the university employees for fellowships and scholarships and follow them up when they are admitted.
10. Doing Follow-up for the programmes, research and scientific conferences and symposia held by the colleges, institutes and university centres.
11. Ratifying the students' graduation documents and issue instructions on them according to the relevant laws.
12. Supervising student cultural, artistic and sports activities at the university.
13. Forming various academic committees at the university within his authorization except for the academic promotions committee.
14. Confirming and implementing students' summer training programme, and teaching staff's field practices as well as the university openness plans to labour institutions.
Administrative Tasks:
1. Approaching various government offices, including the ministries (except the minister's office) with respect to the exercise of these tasks and giving a copy of that correspondence to the office of chancellor of the university.
2. Signing documents which have already been sorted out by the chancellor of the university, and which are within his authorization.
3. Transferring the administrative staff of the centres and departments related to his office after consultation with their immediate supervisors.
4. Conferring thank-you and appreciation letters to the university staff for their distinct work.

5. Performing any other tasks authorized by the chancellor of the university.