Financial Audit Division

This Division is divided into the following:

1. Faculties Audit.

2. Central Audit

3. Store Control



 The department checks the application of laws and monetary regulations in all monetary and administrative activities in the chancellery of the university and the colleges in order to tighten fiscal control on the financial resources and the revenues accruing to the accounting offices; the department also checks on the application of the accounting and financial instructions by these offices and the extent of their commitment to the decisions and laws in force and in order to achieve the goal audit in maintaining the public finance.


 1. To answer inquiries received from various departments and offices of the university, whether written or oral, which lie within its duties and to approach the right authorities if it has no available answer for an inquiry.

  2. To audit all Chancellery financial transactions from vouchers, accounting records ending with the final accounts of both the budget and higher education accounts.

  3. To audit the final accounts of the consulting offices of the university.

  4. To conduct field audits of the accounts of university colleges, centers, and institutes under administrative orders by specialized committees formed for this purpose and then raising a report to the chancellor of the university to take the right decisions.

5. To form audit committees for unannounced scrutiny when there is a fiscal offense, or when is a report on a financial contravention in order to take the right decision and report the case to the chancellor of the university.

 6. To answer Financial Audit Office annual and biannual reports and sorting all the notes regarding the university center budgets or its related offices through the auditing of these notes and sorting them with colleges, issuing circulars and financial and auditing instructions in order to overcome them, filtered and not repeated in the future, whether that was on the budget, Higher Education, national budgets and the related consulting offices accounts.

7. To follow monthly reports issued by the internal audit offices in colleges and university centers, which include the problems and obstacles of the financial work in these offices and to try to resolve such problems and sort them out before they aggravate and the department can form committees to if it is required.

8. To follow inventory committees in all divisions of the university and the follow committees also matching the results of the inventory through our directives to chair the audit managers in these formations to these committees.

9. To participate, through membership, in all the administrative committees of auditors, promotions committee, the commission to determine the salary, the commission which counts the political dismissal-period, the salary adjustments committee, the service-adding, and the committee of job titles change.

10. To participate in financial and engineering committees such as security committees, opening and analysis of tenders for contracting whether they are funded by the investment plan budgets or small interior contracting and tenders financed by the operating national budget.

11. To participate in all investigative committees formed by the chancellery of the university.

12. To do follow-up for the implementation of auditing programs prepared by the auditors of the university offices and to monitor the performance of auditors via following-up their commitment to implement these programs.

 13. To reply to letters and reports from the office of the General Inspector in connection with financial and administrative corruption cases occurring in all offices of the university and do follow-up on the implementation of the investigative and audit committees reports issued by the Inspector  Office as well as those issued by the university.

university and do follow-up on the implementation of the investigative and audit committees reports issued by the Inspector  Office as well as those issued by the university.