Media and Public Relations Office


 This office was established in Sumer University with the founding of the university in 2012; it is the link between the faculties, university departments and organizations of the publication and distribution. It is acting on its behalf in all matters related to publishing so it shares with all the colleges and university departments to highlight their activities and solve problems that arise in the media which relates to any college or any department or a centre at the university.


 The department is concerned with media activities and events that serve the university, the students, professors and employees to reflect a good picture about the reality of the university and the creativity and development activities in addition to reporting and archiving the news and sent it to various media agencies.

The department is looking for sources of strength and excellence in order to disseminate them using various means of media in order to establish a university and research traditions and values which can meet the needs of the community and plan a bright future for it.
1- To define the role of the university and its mission, and to build a positive image of the university to the internal and external public.
2- To cover the chancellor and vice-chancellors activities and to organize press conferences and interviews.
3- To publish all university news and announcements, and facilitate the tasks of media and journalists to obtain information related to the university.
4- To interact with the community and meet its needs for accurate statistical information and facts.
5 - To communication with the media to spread the university mission, and its services to the community, and to organize meetings and press conferences for the university officials.
6- To prepare and publish bulletins regarding the achievements and activities of the university and distribute them inside and outside the university.
7- Media Documentation for all university activities.
8- To support faculties and departments in the implementation of events and conferences.
9- To enhance the student skills and abilities in practicing media work, and acquaint them with the principles, theories, concepts, methods and techniques of modern communication that will help them to communicate with the media departments at other universities.
 10. To organize celebrations in the various events and provide media coverage of them.