The Quality Assurance Division:

The Quality Assurance Division:

 It is divided into the following:

1- Department of Quality Assurance.

2- Department of Performance Essessment.

3- Department of Training and Technical Support.


 This division is made as a nucleus to build a house for the dissemination of expertise and the application of the concepts and systems of quality in higher education and other sectors at the local level.


 To foster the concepts of quality at the university and its bodies, to make the overall quality principles as a philosophy of its operations and the outstanding performance as its goal, and to contribute to society by offering superior educational output in its field.


1 .Finding the appropriate ways to spread the culture of quality at the university, and circulating it to all faculties, institutes, centers and departments.

 2. Creating a specialized library to compile information about the quality and accreditation of regional and international educational institutions systems.

 3. Proposing the formation of sub-committees and teamwork necessary for the implementation of the quality objectives and activities at the university.

4. Setting clear benchmarks to assess and improve the performance of faculty teaching members based on the activation of the university faculties, and academic departments, which suits university service law.

 5. Working on building an integrated system for assessing and improving the performance of the administrative staff in all aspects related to the university and the activation profiles of its departments.

6. Working on the construction of an integrated system of continuous self-assessment of all acts and operations of the university.

7. Implementing of appropriate training programs according to the needs of the actual application of the approved quality programs for personnel working in the department or its internal units, and propose programs required by the implementation process outside the country.

8. Providing support for colleges, institutes and centers in the selection and adoption of standards that will be adopted as a starting point towards accreditation.

9. Developing a plan for the implementation of quality program in colleges, institutes and centers affiliated through workshops link between the department at the university and units of the center in colleges and institutes and centers, depending on the selected quality targets in advance.

10. Putting detailed data and statistics on colleges, institutes and centers and departments at the university to ensure making use of them in writing reports on the quality and accreditation status.

11. Doing follow-up on the implementation of the approved system through audit tours and periodical evaluation of the sites and monitoring the effectiveness of its performance.

12. Doing follow-up on the commitment of faculties, institutes, centers and university department to quality and reporting to the Board at the University of Quality Standards.

13. Ensuring that the educational programs and operations to be completed in accordance with legal requirements, regulations and instructions of the certificate and license.