University Office

University Office

This is the largest and most vital division at universities. It feeds the university with all the basic needs and services where many aspects of the university life meet in this division.  Its achievements can be useful to all the university faculties, institutes and centers and to all its members and students.

This division has seen recent significant developments in terms of capabilities and organization. It has the following Units:

1. Division Manager:

He has direct administration of the following units: -

A). conference room:

It is used to hold celebrations and academic conferences to official and non-official bodies inside and outside the university.

(B) Internet:

It offers information services for the university teaching staff and employees, students and citizens and to run the electronic fingerprinting to the chancellery staff.

(C) Fuel station:

It is used to supply fuel for of the chancellery of the university cars and its subsidiaries, members of the university with gasoline and diesel.  

(D) Administrative follow-up:

It seeks to sort out, save and print incoming and outgoing letters to and from the division, save them and to reply to letters received from the Planning and Administrative Follow-up Division, and Administrative Affairs Division.

2. Technical workshops Unit:                                             

It is responsible for the works of art, and it consists of:

     A. Auto Repair Workshop Unit:

This workshop is in charge of the maintenance and repair of the chancellery of the University cars such as replacing tires and the battery charger, and the maintenance of engines and the car transmission, and the cars' electrical.

      B. Carpentry workshop:

It is in charge of maintenance and university furniture repair, it supplies the office furniture manufactured in Iraq, and all other carpentry works such as partitions, doors and chairs for students.

      (c) Smith Workshop:

         It includes the maintenance and manufacture of furniture and iron tools for the university doors and windows and the construction of caravans according to the charts required and as directed by the references.

3. Services Unit:

          It is responsible for the delivery of basic services of the daily needs of the chancellery of the university and its urgent installation, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, and maintenance and operation of generators. The unit consists of the following:

A-      Occupational Safety:

It is in charge of organizing, supplying, and the management of fire extinguishers to be distributed to all the university buildings and its related bodies, and also first aid supplies and to put emergency plans.


(B) Machines and Transport:

       It organizes and manages the staff transport buses, cars and vehicles movements according to the needs of the university.

     (C) Operator:

It has management and maintenance tasks and doing follow-up on the network operator for the chancellery of the university and all its formations lines.

      (D) Maintenance:

    It is in charge of installation and maintenance of the electrical systems in the chancellery of the university buildings.

      ( E ) Information Office:

    It is to facilitate the movement of auditors and answer their questions.

      (F). Cleaning:

         It has cleaning tasks and the transfer of waste and debris to the landfill places.

      (G). Pure water, raw and heavy water pumps:

       To conduct management and maintenance of pure water, raw and heavy water pumps.

     (H) Electric Generators:   

        Its task is to run generators when there is power failure and carries out maintenance of generators.

 4. Agricultural Unit:

It is responsible for the maintenance of the university gardens; it consists of the following units:

     A. Ornamental Sciences:     

  1.      It is in charge of breeding and the development of different plants within the agricultural Arboretum of the University and decorating the chancellery of the university offices and celebrations with flowers and a variety of shade plants and it also participates in festivals and events by holding Flower Festival on the University Day and the annual central celebration of the graduate students and Novruz Bayram festival.

(B) Agricultural Machinery:      

  It is in charge of operating the agricultural machinery to be used in reforming and preparation of farmland for agricultural purposes, and is also in charge of afforestation and decoration projects.

 (C) Agricultural services:

Its task is to design and maintain the university gardens and to cultivate various plants, and also the maintenance of networks and irrigation pumps, cleaning and maintenance of irrigation canal located within the campus.