Students Accommodation:

Students Accommodation:

This division provides adequate and comfortable accommodation for the university students.

Below are the tasks for each unit of the dormitories:

1. The Legal Unit.

The student living in the dormitory is subject to two types of regulations:

A- Disciplinary law regulations of higher education students, No. 160 for the year 2007.

B- Regulations of Students' Accommodation. It is based on the provisions of section (2) of Article (37) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Act No. 40 of 1988 as amended in 2004. Moreover, the ministry's directives stress the need to form a committee to activate the students' discipline instructions provided that it is chaired by the director of dormitories. Such committees need a (lawyer) to be a member of it and he should be specialist in the clarification and interpretation of the instructions and the follow-up of other legal issues related to the right application of the required laws articles for each legal problem. Hence, the legal unit is needed to manage these issues.

2- Follow-up unit

There is a (Follow-up Committee) in our Directorate specialized in doing follow-up to supervisors' work 24 hours a day and in all the dormitories for male and female students and monitoring the behavior and discipline of the students. It also has supervision over the managing staff's commitment and discipline of their shift attendance during throughout the day, and it monitors the hygiene in the building and the service workers' performance of their duties and the application instructions issued by the Directorate and in coordination with the relevant state directorates such as Health, Water, Electricity, Oil products and to do follow up on matters related to students with their colleges. This unit will be a link between the student and the Directorate.

According to what was stated above, we propose to raise the level of this Committee to a unit linked to the administrative structure of the Directorate of the dormitories.

3- Registration and Data Unit

The main task of this unit is the registration of the student in the directorate of dormitories in accordance with the instructions and issuing identity cards for the students. This unit and in coordination with the accounts unit seeks to obtain the (housing allowance) according to the ministry's regulations.

The unit has other tasks. It prepares a comprehensive data on the number of male and female students for the morning and evening study, and the postgraduates, and data showing the disclosure received by the student of furniture and other and give clearance at the end of the school year. Also, in coordination with the Social Research Unit, it tries to help the poor, wayward, and students with chronic diseases.