Finance Division:

Finance Division:

This division deals with the financial needs of the university and seeks to accomplish the tasks through the work of each unit in the department of the financial division and both according to its competence. The division is one integrated unit.

1. Financial Planning Unit:

It prepares the estimated annual budget and discusses it with the Ministry of Finance and to identify the needs and requirements of the university faculties, institutes and centers through providing the financial allocations for supplies of goods, services and fixed assets, maintenance, and financing the salaries and does a monthly followed up with the Ministry of Finance and the transactions between the budget allocations. The unit deals with letters from the ministry and to circulate them to the university's divisions, and the unit also replies to inquiries from university faculties, institutes and departments. 

2. Unification and Reports Unit:

The unit collects and standardizes the revised budgets issued by faculties and institutes with a unified budget for all University Colleges and centres which are (33) units and the preparation of expenses tables of the university concerning the exploitation and implementation of expenditure within the financial allocations under the federal budget and to determine the percentage of excessive spending within the approved allocations in the budget and the preparation of the university revenue tables and matching the it with the unified bank statement.

3. Accounts Unit:

 It is one of the formations that are funded, similar to colleges and institutes of the University. It implements spending the budget in relation to commodity and services needs and the maintenance of the assets after obtaining approvals by salaries payment, allowances and tackling all financial transactions of the chancellery of the university.

4. Investment Plan Accounts:

This unit implements the expenditure on the projects within the investment budget for the contracting projects with the university and spending the approved financial allocations by audit and the calculating the amount of accomplished work submitted by the engineering section and it monitors the funding granted by the Ministry of Planning, prepares monthly classified tables which include its expenses, and it also prepares the monthly balances and monitors the financial transactions between projects within the annual plan for the investment budget.

5. Higher Education Fund Unit:

According to the provisions of Articles (10) and (47) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Act (40 of 1988) and the regulations of fund unit numbered (none) for the year 2004, the Fund at the university seeks to meet the bottlenecks within the operating budget and the distribution of annual incentives, the receipt of the revenues of all kinds, grants and donations and the preparation of the monthly balances, replying to inquiries from the colleges of higher education funds activities.

6. Supplies Unit:

It meets the university needs for the items purchased by the central committees of fixed assets, equipment, stationery, consumer and sportswear, cars spear parts, and receipt of gifts and donations by the ministry and distributed to schools, centers and institutes, as directed by the chancellor of the university and the inventory of special assets, departments of the university. It is also in charge of the formation of write-offs committees for the purpose of dumping the consumables materials after obtaining the right approvals, and it monitors the stores and organizes everything related to storing and taking materials in the supplies department records.