Legal and Administrative Affairs

Legal and Administrative Affairs Division:

 The organizational structure of the Administrative Department:

1. Personnel Office:   

A). Administrators Unit:

It deals with the university employees except the teaching staff. It replies to orders related to placement, transportation services and recruitment issues and the actual need, the daily-wages appointments, the immediate resignation orders, and disengagement. Also, issues related to university orders, risks and positions allowances, commissioning orders, committees, and contracts.  

 B. Files Unit:

 The unit saves orders and records in binders, and issues verification of documents for staff and teaching staff, verifying the receipt of binders, issuing authentication letters for staff and teaching staff, making work service summary, opening of new files for staff and faculty teaching staff, and sending the files for the transferred outside the Office of University.

C. Annual Leaves and Retirement Unit:

This unit issues sick leaves and calculating the staff and faculty teaching vacations, issuing regular leaves and unpaid leaves, and the staff referrals to health centre and the accompanying spousal leaves, and the compensatory rewards, disengagement and resuming orders, maternity leaves, referrals to medical committees, and issuing medical reports authentication,  and staff and faculty teaching staff terminating orders, and approaching the retirement service offices, and the staff and faculty teaching staff records orders,  and the compensatory rewards orders for martyrs,  the addition of the civil and military service, and vocational leaves for the infirm.

2. Personnel Office:

It is one of the important offices, which is in charge of revised the staff and the faculty teaching staff's salaries and job titles, the annual bonuses for the teaching and the chancellery staff, the addition of service for teachers and staff at the University Center,  checking the job vacancies, and the approval of cadres recruitment.

3. Teaching staff Office:

This department carries out the university teaching staff's issues only, in which retirement orders are issued, appointment, re-appointment, and services transfer, the candidate's teaching appropriateness test, job title conferment, appreciation letters, placement and exemption and commissioning orders, the commissions' formation, and sabbatical and delegation in the country.

4. Identity Cards Office:

It organizes the identity cards of faculty teaching staff, administrative staff of all divisions of the chancellery of the university and its personnel and units, the identity cards for teachers and faculty staff, all institutes and centres, it organizes university guards' badges for each university guards and the postgraduates' identity cards.
5. Units directly related to the Manager of the Division:  

A. Secretariat Unit:

It organizes director's mail, the interviews and receiving reviewers and also organizes meetings.  

B. Follow-up Unit:

It receives from the Incoming University Central mail, and the chancellor of the university's mail and his assistants, and the rest of departments.

C .Editorship Unit

This unit pursues the faculties, institutes, centers and university departments' replies by using special computer programs showing daily the late replies and it automatically stresses on its letters by a direct contact with the vice-chancellor, but it interacts with the other basic four offices.

Organizational structure of the Legal Department:

 It has the following units:

1. The Manager

2. Board of Trustees

 They formulate opinions and prepare legal studies.

3. Rights Unit

It consists of two units - Investigative Committees, and Legal Claims Units- it does the university follow-up tasks.

4. Housing and property

It consists of two units (university Housing Unit - university property Unit). It is concerned with all matters related to the properties of the university.

5. Secretariat Unit

Organize the incoming mail to the legal department and the personnel follow-up.

 6. The follow-up administrative unit

It organizes the archiving and preservation of official mail and follow-up answers and correspondence.

7-Legal Unit for scientific research centers

 It does the follow-up of the legal affairs of the research centers.

8. Legal Counsel Unit