Secretariat of the Central Library

Secretariat of the Central Library

It is a scientific and cultural institution; it seeks to collect, organize, retrieve and transmit the sources of information in all its forms, to facilitate the access of researchers and beneficiaries to these sources, as soon as possible and with less effort and greater accuracy possible, in order to satisfy the needs and desires of the information in their field of specialization or their work whether it is traditional or digital form.

3. To provide sources of knowledge in its various forms and applied scientific and humanitarian disciplines of the beneficiaries of the members of the university professors, researchers and graduate students and preliminary studies and staff, as well as government and private institutions and society.

4. To provide office work in line with the recent developments in the field of libraries and information services.

5. To offer information and library services to facilitate search and retrieval through to the decisions of the library of publications, and bibliographic catalogs, guides, headlamp, and bulletins.

6. To change publications issued by the university and scientific outcomes for its members with universities Iraqi, Arab and international
7. Preparing tariff programs for beneficiaries of professors, researchers and students the services provided by the library and how to use the information sources available there.

 8. To ensure the right climate inside the library for study and research through the development of specialized libraries, and the preparation of the vast halls equipped with the latest office furniture.