Department for Continuing Education

Department for Continuing Education

Objectives and Tasks: 

  The goals and objectives are guided Continuing Education seeks to achieve are guided and based on the philosophy and interaction between the vision of the university, the division's tasks on one side, and beneficiaries' needs and what results they expect in the other side. The objectives are as follow:

1. To bridge the gap between the university various specialized events and state institutions, individuals and society in general through joint action to identify and develop training, knowledge and technical and behavioral and practical needs of workers in state institutions, and public and private sectors, civil society and rehabilitation, which would contribute to the achievement of sustainable human development in Iraq through methods non-traditional learning.

2. To spread the culture of continuing learning and lifetime seeking of more knowledge between members of the community.

3. Provide continuing education programs of good quality to improve the lives and performance of institutional work in organizations to make them incubator for innovative thinking, creative work, and continuous improvement of performance through the cutting-edge methodologies, and techniques and expertise of modern management organizations in the world in this field.

 4. To promote and encourage the behavioral, the cognitive changes and the skills encouraging for the development of initiative and positive attitudes towards work and the organization and community values ​, moral and legal transparency and the public interest for the personnel.

5. To facilitate the smooth flow of communication between the university and the requirements of continuing education and community benefits through the development of a special mechanism for this purpose that could remove barriers to benefit from the improvement of the standard of living for individuals and society in general. 

6. To provide the foundations of capacity and empowerment of individuals and institutions building in the public sectors and to enhance their competitiveness, the development of performance and quality efficiently and effectively through specialized intensive training programs (short – for days-), and a series of relatively long training courses(2 to 6 weeks) for obtaining certificates on specialized training in computer and information technology, executive secretariat, office management, languages, English and Arabic, project management, Human Resources management, accounting for non-accountants, economic feasibility studies, quality and performance development, planning and strategic thinking communication and leadership, translator and legal translation, marketing and management skills tourist banking skills, and in science, medicine and in accordance with the various faculties and university centers(it is tailored, in coordination with continuing education units in faculties, in the programs annual plan). 

7. To define the methodologies and to develop general and detailed plans for continuing education of various programs in the line with what has been discussed and identified above so they reach formulating the annual general plan of the university center, and colleges' continuing education centers.

8. To mobilize resources and requirements, and finding the appropriate working conditions for the plan and to take actions to achieve the desired goals efficiently and effectively.