Division of Registration and Students' Affairs

Division of Registration and Students' Affairs

Departments and Units of the Division:

The division has four departments: Department of Morning Studies, Department of Evening Studies, Department of Studies, Planning and follow-up, and Verification Department.

There are nine units: Secretariat Unit, Verification Unit, Census Unit, Electronic Calculator and online Unit / Foreign Students Unit / Data Unit / Audit documents Unit / Printer and the Reproduction Unit / Archive Unit.

Essential Duties:

1. Preparing the university admission plan in the light of what has been approved by boards of colleges and the morning and evening studies.

2. Checking students' admissions according to the regulations in force.

 3. Checking the candidates' files who are admitted to the evening studies in the faculties of the university and issuing their admission offers after obtaining the right approvals.

4. Preparing an admission plan for the distinguished candidates, according to the university's need that its staff studies for Bachelor and Diploma.

 5. Organizing and hosting the transfer process and auditing its procedures.

6. Checking the admitted candidates' files who apply through the direct admission channel to colleges with direct admission: Physical Education, Physical Education for Girls, media, fine arts, languages, and issuing their admission offers after obtaining the required approvals.

7. Issuing admission offers for the admitted candidates for the colleges of central admission.

8. Authenticating the university graduates' documents –bachelor degree.

9. Authenticating the university graduates' documents – high studies.

10. Verifying the university graduates' documents.

11. Authenticating the service summary.

12. Preparing data concerning the outstanding graduates, and to provide information about them to the competent authorities.

13. Organizing procedures for the transfer of students according to the regulations in force for the period 1/07 to 31/08 for each academic year.

14. Organizing the hosting procedures in accordance with the regulations in force.

15. Checking colleges' procedures according to their councils' recommendations which are sent to the student's affairs, and get them approved.

16. Studying students' cases referred by the chancellery of the university and give opinion and recommendations about them.

17. Doing follow-up on the applying of exams regulations and all the instructions and decisions about them.

18. Holding symposiums to do follow-up on letters allocated to colleges and their procedures.