Studies and Planning Division:

Studies and Planning Division:

Goals :

 1. Preparing the annual academic plan for the university and follow its implementation.

2. Preparing the performance efficiency evaluation of the university.

3. Preparing and organizing the actual staff and technicians according to the official and approved regulations.

 4. Organizing the financial administrative staff of the university faculties, according to the official instructions.

 5. Preparing the statistical reports of the university and its colleges and centres.

6. Preparing the university prospectus.

7. Preparing annual report of the university.

8. Doing administrative developmental tasks of the university and its colleges and centres.

First - organizational structure:

 1. Receiving the academic needs (numbers and specialties of teaching staff), technical and administrative needs of colleges based on a prior request from the planning and follow-up office then standardize, coordinate and trim them in preparation to submit them to the vice-chancellor of the university for administrative affairs through the head of the department for the purpose of ratification and then work to implement them.

 2. Checking on the transfer and appointment requests received from the ministry or from colleges in the light of their real need and the availability of the requested vacancy depending on the planning and follow-up office, and contact the colleges concerned to make sure that there is a real need for the requested vacancy before answering the request.

 3. Carrying out the exceptional transfer and appointment cases which are requested by the ministry.

4. Preparing a special table on 30/6 and another one on 30/9 each year under a supplied form from the Ministry of Finance which includes a revised and equitable table of the academic, technical and administrative staff under the staff law and includes the actual classified vacancies updated for the purpose of appointment.
 5. Sending table above through the official channel to the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of ratification the budget in preparation for its implementation in the following year.
 6. Updating the special staff records at the end of each year for the purpose of approving by the Ministry of Finance in light of the financial budget which has already been sent to it.
 7. Doing what is required to change the job titles of staff members at the university, colleges and centers accordance with the rules in force in the officially available vacancies.
 8. Doing what is required concerning omitting and creating new positions for the purposes of transferring and promotions.
9. Filling in the details of teaching staff information forms in case of retirement, resignation, transferring, promotions, and placement.  
10. Filling in and storing on computers the personal information of teaching staff, technicians and administrators.
Second - Administrative Development:  
1. Formulating the annual training plan for the university staff and its faculties and centers to implement the decision of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council No. 361 on 03.24.1983, and submitted to the vice-chancellor of the University Administrative Affairs for ratification.  
2. Generalizing the plan to all university bodies (faculties and centers) for the purpose of naming their candidates after they are coordinated with continuing education in competent faculties for the purpose of implementation of the training programs included in the plan above.  
3. Doing the follow-up implementation of the training plan items through coordination between of the colleges continuing education departments.
4. Preparing a whole report for the training plan at the end of each year and submit it to the vice-chancellor of the University for the Administrative Affairs.
 5. Preparing annual administrative reform report in accordance with the form approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and in the light of administrative reform reports received from the university divisions.
 6. Sending the annual administrative reform report referred to above to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research via the vice-chancellor of the University for Administrative Affairs.
 7. Preparing the colleges' biannual assessment report using forms prepared by the ministry and filled in by the university colleges and centers.
 8. Sending the above assessment to the ministry via the vice-chancellor for Administrative Affairs.
9. Devising a plan to automate the administrative work and supervise its implementation at the university, colleges and centers after the approval of vice-chancellor of the university for Administrative Affairs.
 10. Doing the administrative field studies needed to improve the management performance and increase efficiency and effectiveness.
 11. Developing a system of administrative, technical and academic job description at the university and its colleges and centers using automated computer.
 12. Preparing and updating the organizational structure of the university and its faculties and centers.
Third – The Division units:
1)      Studies and Planning Unit:
    * Preparing the annual academic plan for the University and do follow-up on its implementation.
    * Preparing the joints of the organizational structure of the university and the organizational charts
   * Preparation and organization of scientific, technical and administrative staff according to the official rules and principles adopted in the regulatory and structural forms (scientific - technical - administrative) of University's bodies and sent them to the ministry.
    * Preparing the university prospectus.
2-Statistics Unit:
    * Having statistics for the university bodies and send them to the Ministry with a detailed report by annual pre-prepared tables.
    * Preparing the annual report of the University.
    * Preparing the administration report.
3) Database Unit:
    * Preparing database of all the university employees its bodies and store them on computer database programs.
    * Preparing statistical reports on the status of the university and its colleges and centers and determines the point of enrollment university staff and bodies.
4) Alumni affairs Unit:
  * Build a database of graduates in each faculty of the university colleges including their names, grades and the expertise they own in addition to documenting their addresses for the purpose of contacting if necessary.
  * Announcing the graduates' names on the university Web site in collaboration with the Computer Center, and make the necessary contacts with them using their e-mail addresses obtained after graduation.

* Addressing the companies, government institutions, mixed and private companies that have the desire to employ the graduates, and provide them with the expertise of graduates of our colleges and their resumes.   
* Providing the alumni with the developments that occur in the curriculums of the departments they graduated from to be able to keep pace with progress in their field.
 5) Central Authentication unit:   
* Organize special courses for the university staff responsible for documentation tasks at colleges, institutes and departments, centers and sections on how to use scanning devices to save electronic copies of the documents of faculties teaching staff, administrative staff and students and store the data on computers.
* Unification of what is being done to electronic document in the university bodies and continue updating information on a regular basis every three months, for the purpose of marking that in the database.
6) Security Unit:
Preparing the security reports.