University Council

The University Board

It is the highest scientific and administrative authority at the university. It gives recommendation concerning the undergraduate and postgraduate admission plans, it approves scientific research plan, the opening of branches and faculty departments, and it provides faculty members and do follow-up on their progress. It also establishes and maintains bilateral cultural relations with universities and scientific institutions in other countries and implements them after being authenticated and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The university council is responsible for signing contracts with faculty members and technicians from non-Iraqis, the employment of teaching staff of all certificates-holders, it can also approve the rehabilitation and training of academic and administrative staff and practice field for teachers plans, it is responsible for approving the distribution of scientific and administrative staff of colleges, and implementation of the annual budget plan task, and approves the final accounts , and recommends delegations, loans and study leaves out of Iraq.

The University Council holds a meeting at least once in every two weeks , and the university chancellor ( head of the Council) has the right to call for an extraordinary meeting if necessary , or at the written request of two-thirds of its members , and the quorum of the Board is fulfilled in the presence of a majority of its members , and makes decisions , suggestions and recommendations by majority vote of those present, and when equal to the number of votes is likely to side with those who voted with the head of the Board.