Chancellor's Message



    From the Kingdom of Sumer, human history began; on its clay tablets human recorded its first-characters. From it, the light of knowledge shines to others and in the land of Rifaiy town, the university was built which was important for the city to produce human knowledge and improve the skills of different specialties to contribute to nation-building and push the society forward towards progress.


   The role that we aspire for this young university goes beyond the task of teaching and learning; the university takes a role in addressing many of the problems facing the local environment and change them radically and concretely, whether through the faculty members by conducting research and applied studies or through its graduates who are highly skilled and capable to enable them to compete and achieve distinction.

   University of Sumer is considered to be an integral part of higher education institutions in Iraq and will remain a monument of knowledge alongside the other Iraqi universities. Its educational programs will highly consider the quality standards and will encourage scientific research aiming to serve the community and solve a lot of its issues of development.

      The main objective of the university is to be distinguished in education and to focus on the development of scientific research capabilities to meet the surrounding challenges, and to encourage the faculty teaching staff to adopt the methods of research and learning to improve critical thinking, creativity and refine the student's personality to be active and influential in our environment rapid change.

    It gives me a great honor and pride to be one of the university leaders who serve the university and contribute to the development of our local environment and development in various fields of knowledge and scientific research. This requires us to shoulder a great responsibility and to work together as one team to raise our university to world-class universities and to become a symbol of knowledge and service of our students and society.

May God help us to serve our beloved Iraq and we ask our dear people to preserve and bring him security and stability.

 God grants success.